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Now check how many backlinks your website have. Use this free Backlink Checker tool to check the number of backlinks. To use tool enter domain name in the box and click on submit button.

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About Backlink Checker

Backlinks or inbound links are very important for your website and it’s an important part of search engine optimization. Though Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. keep changing their ranking algorithms to avoid spammers and unfair practices; however the approach to evaluate backlinks remain more or less same. As it’s taught to SEO students, quality of backlinks matter whereas the quantity does not as much. It’s always better to have fewer numbers of quality backlinks rather than many backlinks which are of inferior quality. A backlink checker helps you to identify the number of backlinks. You can also weigh up the quality of the links by a backlink checker.

What does our Backlink Checker do?
Our free backlink checker tool helps you determine how many backlinks are linking back to your website domain that you have entered to check. This is an efficient way to check the number and quality of your backlinks. If you need help to create backlinks for your website, we have another free tool for you which will come in handy.

Why Use Backlink Checker Tool?
Backlink Checker Tool provides the total number of backlinks that redirects a user to your website. This is a free online tool and provides the accurate results. Using this tool saves time and provides a complete list of backlinks that are pointing to your website. With our Links Checker Tool, you can get the complete backlinks information like whether your website is dealing high-quality backlinks or low-quality backlinks. Moreover, you can check whether the links are Do follow or No follow.

If you find that most of the backlinks are from low-quality sites, try to remove those links from your sites. As backlinks from low-quality sites might affect the ranking of a website. You should focus only on high-quality backlinks because quality links help you to make your website appearance high. You think that if you have more backlinks, you will get a good PageRank in various search engines like Google, Yahoo and, Bing. The truth is that Search Engines gives preference to the websites with high-quality backlinks over quantity backlinks. This free tool helps to find the backlinks of your competitor websites also. You can check the backlinks for any domain with the help of this free tool.

How to Use the Tool?
If you want to perform a deep thorough of your Backlinks, you can use this free Backlink Checker Tool. To use this tool is very easy and anyone can use this tool. With the help of this tool, you can get all the necessary information to your existing backlinks and then can make the changes that you think will be helpful in improving the website rank.

You can do the in-depth analysis of your website backlinks with this free tool. The backlinks we create get expired and converted into bad backlinks or broken links after a certain period of time. The free tool will let you know to deal with such backlinks.

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  • You can now check the number of available backlinks on your website. There are various methods to check the website's backlinks but Online Backlink Checker is the easiest to use. After using this tool, you will realize the relevance of this free SEO tool and start using over and over again.

Use Backlink Checker Tool today and remove all the bad quality backlinks from your website.