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What are Broken Links?
Broken links are simply the dead links on a webpage. If you own a website, you surely are putting a lot of hard work to publish quality content on your website to keep your users hooked to your site. But all your hard works can fail if one or more link/s on your website is/are dead. Broken links on any website can be harmful for many reasons including bad user experience and defeated search engine optimization efforts you might be putting in.

Broken Links are the links that no longer available and direct a visitor a web page with 404 error status. In simple words, Broken Links are the links that are expired and not available throughout the website.

404 Error:
In Search Engine Optimization, every web related error is identified with its specific error code. 404 error refers to ‘Not Found’ might be because you have mistyped the URL or the URL that you are looking for have been removed/deleted or not exists.

How Broken Links affect in Search Engine Rankings?
As we know that Broken Links are the links that are not active and couldn’t be found. Google recognizes those links as worthless and removes them from their database. Search engine bots when crawling your website visit every page and if they found dead links or broken links available on your website, they suddenly stop crawling that page, thus indexing it and move onto the next one. It simply means that the pages search engine hasn’t crawled are not going to display anywhere and won’t receive any ranking. So Broken Links directly affect the ranking system of a website.

Secondly, When a user clicks on a Broken Link in the hope a getting a relevant information that they are looking for but ends up on getting a 404 error page. It will be slightly disappointed for them and they would prefer to move to the next website without visiting any other pages. Spending very less time on your site and then move to next site will affect the Bounce Rate and it will also make search engine algorithms to think about for a while that your site doesn’t contain the quality content or relevant information. All these factors will result in a lower ranking of your site.

Crawlers are a little busy guy and if search engine bots find any web page i.e broken web page, they stop crawling that page and move onto the next one. It simply means that the page that hasn’t crawled won’t be indexed and therefore, won’t receive any search engine rankings. Having broken links to your website is not good and can harm your website. If you are a web marketer or SEO professional, it is very important to engage your site visitors. Moreover, you should always make sure that all the links on your site are working and contain any broken links. This is because users like to visit the site that contain zero broken link.

Seeing broken links on a website takes users away because people who are coming to your site clicks on a link and finds a 404 error page It simply means that people won’t trust your website and never visit it again. In Fact, they will move onto the next site and will no longer return to your site because of the bad experience with your site. When a website is not updated for a long period, then it may contain lot of broken links. You can check these broken links by using CheckYourWebsite Broken Links Finder Tools.

Why do you need a Broken Link Checker Tool?
Think about encountering one of the following 404 error messages when you click on a link on a webpage:

The webpage was blocked by firewall.
The webpage is unavailable.
The webpage has been deleted.
Frustrating, isn’t it? This exactly might be the reaction of your website audience if they encounter a broken link on a page. You may end up having a lost customer and can also damage your hard-earned reputation. Having a number of broken links on your website is a bad news, especially if you run a corporate website. We offer a very efficient broken link finder tool here, which is simple to use for any website owner. Sometimes, you remain unaware of the broken link/s of your website unless a user points it out. We would recommend all our users to keep a tab on all broken links of their websites with the help of our tool. Please explore our free tool.

How to use our Broken Link Finder Tool?
For large websites which contain thousands of pages, it will be quite difficult to check all the broken links one by one. It is important to note that Broken Links may be internal as well as external. Also, a website can have a number of pages, so it is really very hard to identify all the internal and external links manually that are dead and not exists. So, the easiest way to check the dead links is by using our Free Broken Link Checker Tool.

Just enter your website URL into the above empty box and results will be shown to you, instantly.
The free tool will show the broken links in two sections:
Internal Links means the links that direct a user to another page within the same domain but not exist therefore considered as Internal Broken Links.
External Links means the links that direct a user to your web page/website to another web page/website but not exists therefore considered as External Broken Links.

Use this free tool today to identify all the Broken Links (Internal as well as External) and improve the searches of your website in various search engines including Google, Yahoo etc.