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Now check the age of your domain with Domain Age Checker tool. This tool is entirely free and easy to use; you can quickly check the Domain Age, Domain Created Date, Domain Updated Date and Domain Expiry Date. To use this tool, add the domain name in the box and after that, press the Get Domain Age button.

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About Domain Age Checker

What is Domain Age?
Domain age is the duration for which a website has been active online. With time a domain acquires trust and credibility from its users and search engines. Quality content and good quality backlinks are built over a period of time; hence in the eyes of search engines, an old domain with good inbound links is a trustworthy one as compared to newer websites.

Is Domain Age Important for SEO?
Some say that Domain age is not a big ranking factor in SEO, but for me, I think it is. Search engines including Google look at the Domain age of a website just because if your website is still active, it means you are probably providing the quality content to the readers. That simply means your site is not penalized with any of the Google updates and therefore it is not a spam site. In Fact, it would be right to say, Google has now a complete trust on your website. It is quite difficult to get the Google trust on you, but once Google started to believe in you, it becomes very easy to rank your web pages higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The idea is that websites with older domains have a great level of trust in search engines.

Myth about Domain Age:
For new websites, domain age is a significant factor that can’t be ignored by the search engines. Typically, new sites or sites with younger domains are not given extra favour that the sites with older domain. Because a newly generated site doesn’t contain much content and the number of quality backlinks. But once you start working by providing high-quality content and backlinks, it will naturally attract the visitors and search engines. At this point Domain, age is not an important issue.

Why is Domain Age Checker Tool Important?
Though it is still a debatable issue, most search engine experts believe that the age of a domain is a clear indicator of a trust and reputation. Brands and individuals invest a lot of time and efforts to build an online reputation for their websites. Also, it’s assumed that an aged domain would have healthy traffic to it. Regular traffic to a website is once again an important factor for the search engines to rank it high. So, an aged domain with a good traffic and a number of quality backlinks is always ranked higher by search engines than a relatively new domain with low repute. With the use of our free domain age checker tool, you can come to know the age of any domain, quickly and accurately. Check our tool.

How to use Domain Age Checker Tool?
You can check the age of the domain you own or the age of your competitor’s domain with the help of our free tool. Simply, enter the URL of the domain you want to check age for on the above empty field and press check button. Our tool will let you know the following important parameters related to your website:

Domain Age in years.

Domain Created Date: When the domain was registered.

Domain Updated Date: When the domain was updated.

Domain Expiry Date: When the domain is expiring.

Domain Age Checker Tool not only tells you the age of a particular domain but also shows you the Domain creation date, domain expiration date, and domain updation date. The tool will also show you all the Domain age-related parameters of your competitor’s website. CheckYourWebsite Domain Age Checker Tool has made your job easier to check how old the domain is. You just need to copy/paste the URL of a website to see the results.