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About Domain Authority Checker

What is Domain Authority?
Domain authority or DA is a measurement of how high or low a domain will feature in search engine rankings. Search engines including Google don’t treat all the websites equally. There are websites which get massive search traffic every day while there are hundreds of other sites which keep struggling to feature in the search engine result pages (SERPs). There are two major contributors to a healthy search engine ranking; one is great content and the other is the authority of the domain. The authority of the domain depends on number, relevance, and quality of the backlinks the website has.

Most search engines value Domain Authority score as one of the most important factors in terms of rankings. Domain Authority is an estimation by Moz, which tells Digital Marketers how well a website will rank in search engines including Google. It is said that the websites with high Domain Authority score have maximum chances to rank higher as compared to the websites which have low Domain Authority score. Moz combines the various On Page parameters like Page Authority score and Total Backlinks, to determine the Domain Authority score of a particular domain in search engines. However, there are a large number of free DA score tools available in the market today. But we would like to recommend you to use CheckYourWebsite Free Domain Authority Checker tool which will give you a relevant score by combining all the important metrics like Page Authority and quality links from high PR sites.

is Good Domain Authority of a Website?
Domain Authority of a websites ranges numerically from 0 to 100. Websites which have points like 30 or 40 are not usually considered as good Domain Authority score websites. However, if you have score like 80 or 90, then there are greater chances that your website will rank higher in search engines. Domain Authority is considered as major factor in determining the success of any website. However many SEO marketers don’t consider this a major factor in search engine rankings and focuses on various other SEO parameters.

Generally speaking, there is no good or bad Domain Authority score of a websites. Websites which have large number of quality external links like Wikipedia always have a high DA score. However, small business websites which have fewer number of inbound links (also known as backlinks) might have a low DA score. Brand new websites always start with a Domain Authority score of one.

How to Increase Domain Authority Score?
If you own a website, you can’t ignore the fact that your domain authority matters way too much for search engine optimization. You may have questioned yourself how to increase the domain authority of your website. Our suggestion will be to use our tool first to determine the domain authority of your website and then start working on your on-page SEO to improve your domain authority score. You can note that on-page SEO includes working on the content as it is one of the most significant aspects of an optimized website. While working on the on-page SEO, your singular objective should be to offer a great user experience. Investing in social media promotion is another important way to increase awareness for your brand which in turn will increase traffic to your website.

If you have a website, then you would like to have a high Domain Authority score in search engines. For newly created sites, it is quite difficult to get a high DA score as this may take some time to have good DA score. However, you can easily start while working with various important SEO metrics:

Domain Age: First check the Domain Age of a website. You can use CheckYourWebsite Domain Age Checker Tool to calculate the age of any domain. The tool will show you the results within a few seconds.

External Backlinks: Place your link on high Domain Authority sites. Links from high DA sites may have better chances to have a good DA score within a very less time.

Do-follow and No-follow links: Make Do-follow and No-follow backlinks. Most of the Online Marketers think that Google value only Do-follow links. But this is not true. No-follow links have equal value as Do-follow links in the eye of Google search engine. To get a good Domain Authority score it is quite important to have a large number of Do-follow and No-follow backlinks.

Quality of Backlinks:

Before making any inbound link on your website, always make sure that you are submitting your links on High Page Rank (PA) and High Page Authority (PA) sites. Google considers these links as high quality backlinks and thus there are maximum chances of getting good Domain Authority score. Always avoid to submit your link on low PR sites if want to get a good DA score.

Start your journey toward a great, optimized website, today. Please explore our free tool.

Why CheckYourWebsite Domain Authority Checker Tool?
After knowing various tips and techniques to improve the Domain Authority score of a website, you need to now check out the Domain Authority. For that, you will need a free online tool that can give you the best and reliable DA score for your website. Use CheckYourWesbite Domain Authority score tool, to measure the DA score and get the appropriate results. If you want to know this score for your competitors the tool will do a great job for you.

When and How to use Domain Authority Checker Tool?
The online free tool can be used in multiple situation like:

  • To check the current score of your website.
  • To know the DA score and SEO strength of your competitor websites.
  • To know the value of backlinks/inbound links that are pointing to your site.

Our tool is extremely simple to use and is totally free. Please insert your URL into the above text box and the tool will present your domain authority score up front. Once you know where you stand today, you can start working on your website with better clarity.

Use CheckYourWebsite Domain Authority Checker Tool today to know the DA score of your website so that you can work harder to get the high ranking!!