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About Domain Hosting Checker

What is Domain Hosting?
Domain Hosting allows users to check who is hosting the domain name of a website. In very simple words, a domain hosting is a service that manages the complete details of your domain name. Most of the popular companies including GoDaddy, DreamHost, enom, 1&1 provide services to host domain names for a particular website. Every website has its unique domain name. Basically, a domain name is used in URL of the website that differentiates one web page from another web page.

Why is Domain Hosting Important?
In order to make your website visible to the users and search engines, the domain name should be assigned by a Domain host provider company so that more visitors can find your availability on the internet.

What is Domain Hosting Checker Tool?
This online free tool will let you know the information of specific websites including their “Hosting Provider” name and “IP address”. Domain Hosting Checker tool will provide you a chance to get in touch with the hosting provider of any domain. Also, if you want to check the host of your competitor’s websites, this free tool will do a complete research for you.

What is Hosting Provider?
Hosting Providers are the service providers specializes in providing the domain hosting services.

What is IP Address?
IP is an abbreviation of Internet Protocol. So, an IP address is an Internet Protocol address. An IP address is a unique numeric address separated by a full stop is used to identify the devices on a network. It allows the devices like Computers, Laptop and, Tablets to communicate with other devices like the Internet.

Most of the IP Address looks like this:

Note that the string is separated with the help of full stops.
Finding the IP address is not an easy task. Different devices and operating system require some unique steps in order to find out the correct IP address of a Computing device.

How to use this Free Tool?
You can check the Domain hostname of your website with the help of this online free tool. The tool will provide you an accurate and reliable information. Whether you are a regular customer or an old customer, there is no need for registration to use this tool. Also, the tool is free so you don’t need to make any payment to check your domain hostname. CheckYourWebsite free Domain Host Checker tool provides users all domain hosting data in a single click.

Enter the URL of your website that you want to check the hosting data. We will redirect you to page which will contain the following information:
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Finding the personal information of a website can put you into a trouble and at the same is tricky too. But with the help of CheckYourWebsite free SEO tool, it can show you the details of any website that you want to check. The tool will tell you only the domain hostname and IP address of a website so if you want to get some more information like Website owner name, contact details and, the email address you can use CheckYourWebsite Whois Checker Tool.