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About Google Index Checker

What is Google Index Checker?
As the name suggests, a Google index checker is a tool which checks whether or not an URL is indexed by Google. It is a time-consuming process if done manually, but with the help of our tool, you can check in bulk which URL/s of a specific website is/are indexed by Google. Our tool is efficient and produces quick results.

Know How Google Works?
Search Engines are used to search the query based on the entered search terms. In order to provide you the most relevant results across millions of web pages, Google search engine goes through the following two processes:

Crawling: Discovering the information

Indexing: Organizing the information

What is Crawling and Indexing?
Google Search Engine uses a special software called web crawler (also known as Google bot, Spiders or a Crawler) that is responsible to find new and updated content available on the internet. Google bot also suggests what web pages or content should be added to the Google index.

When Google bot visit your website, it goes from website to website in order to collect the relevant information and adds them to their lists. In simple words, Crawling means Google bot has visited your website and read the content of your website. Note that Indexing starts when the Crawling process gets over. Now when Google bot visits our website, it stores only important and relevant information like when the website was last updated/created, title tags such as Title and description of a web page, Alt attributes, incoming/outgoing links and various other parameters and saves them in its index. Why is Indexing important? Because if Google bot doesn’t find your web pages in their index, it will not appear in the search query. To make your website available on Search Engine Result Page (SERP), Indexing is important.

Why should you use our Google Index Checker Tool?
Google uses crawlers to search and index millions of web pages based on various parameters such as keywords, relevant content, traffic etc. Therefore, it is important for you to know whether all the pages of your website are indexed by Google or not. It’s a valid and constant concern for all website owners and search engine experts whether their websites have all indexed pages. Google does indexing randomly and continuously, so if your website is not indexed yet, please work on improving the content and increasing the traffic to your website. This will increase your chance of getting indexed in the future. If you don’t know the status of your website’s index status, it’s advisable that you try our tool right away to find out which pages of your website are not indexed, so that you can take immediate corrective measures for the sake of SEO. Here is our Google index checker, absolutely free for you to use.

If you have created a new website and submitted it to Google, you must use our online free tool which will help you to check the Indexing status of your website. Google Index Checker Tool tells you the total number of pages that are indexed by Google. If you want your websites or web pages to appear in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), it should be added to the database of Search Engines. This free tool will let you check all your websites pages have been indexed by Google.

If you want an organic traffic (natural traffic), it is very important to make your website indexed by Search Engine. Otherwise, your website won’t be available publically.

Want to Index your Web Pages Quickly?
Google Index Checker Tool will show you the number of pages indexed by Google. If in case you find that the number of indexed pages is zero the best thing you can do to index those pages is to create the sitemap for your website. Tip is here is that you can give priority to those pages you want Google to index first. A sitemap is an xml file that contains the list of web pages so that you can have the record of all those pages on your site. However, it is not easy to create a sitemap manually, you can use this link to generate the XML sitemap for your website. Once the sitemap has been generated and indexed, you can submit it to the Google Webmaster Tool to make indexing process easy.

You can also share the content of your web pages on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Doing this will help in the quick indexing of your website. Make sure that the content you will be using for social media should be of high quality and user engaging.

For newly developed websites, it will surely take some time for Google to index your website. To make crawling and indexing process fast, you can use ‘Crawl as Google’ in Google Webmaster Tool.

How to use our Google Index Checker Tool?
With the online free tool, you can check whether Google has indexed your internal web pages and website. Google doesn’t index all the pages available on your website. As mentioned above, Google gives preference to the web pages with good quality content, internal linking/External linking etc. and index only these web pages in order to provide users a relevant information. The tool will be helpful if you want to get an idea on how many of your pages are being indexed by Google. You must have this valuable information because it can help you in fixing the issues on your pages so that Google can index them and help you in increasing the traffic of your website.

It is very important to know the indexing status of your web pages. Because until your web pages won’t get indexed by Google, you are not going to get any organic traffic. Keep in mind that it really doesn’t matter whether your website has thousands of web pages, the important thing is the number of pages that are indexed by Google.

The tool is pretty simple to use. Our tool can tell you how many of your web pages are indexed and how many are not. Just insert the URL on the above empty field and press the check button. Your results will be displayed within a few seconds.