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What is PageRank: Named after Larry Page, a PageRank is Google’s algorithm to evaluate the number of links point to a website or a webpage and also to analyze the quality of the source sites where those link come from. PageRank is measured by a numerical scale of 0-10 while 0 is the least important and 10 being the most important. There are website owners to keep trying to flout Google’s algorithm to improve ranking by purchasing low-quality links to their websites; however please remember it will good more bad than good to your website as bad quality links impact the search results in a negative manner and may end up causing a lower page rank to your website.

What is PageRank checker: Our PageRank checker can help you to check the rank of your webpages which is also a clear indication of how well optimized your webpage is for search engines. PageRank is also an indicator of the significance or authority of any webpage as search engines including Google employ a number of parameters to check the quality of the links to a webpage. Check our free PageRank checker tool here: While you use this tool, please also remember that getting quality links to your webpage matters more than getting more number of links as we stated before the quality matters more than the quantity here.

Why you should use our PageRank checker tool: PageRank checker tool is as useful as it gets. Our PageRank checker tool is pretty simple to use and it gives you instant results for free. Check the PageRank of your webpages by inserting the respective URLs of your website; the tool will show PageRank values of different pages of your website. Just paste the URLs of all your webpages in the above text box one by one to get quick and accurate PageRank information