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Check the Keywords Density of any web page with this free Keyword Density Checker tool. This tool will provide you with the complete information of keyword repetition count and percentage. To use this tool, add the URL in the box and press the Submit button.

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About Keyword Density Checker

What are Keywords and Why they are Important?
Keywords are the words or phrases online searchers use to find online information through various search engines including Google. Keywords are specific phrases or words that drive traffic to specific URLs and that’s why the selection of proper keywords for your website or your blog is extremely important and also the first step toward making it search engine optimized. No matter if you are a business owner or a hobby-blogger, if you want your website or blog to get a lot of organic traffic and huge reach, you got to spend time on selection and placements of right keywords in a systematic manner.

What is a Keyword Density?
Keyword density is the percentage of appearance of your selected keywords in the content of your web pages. It is important that the density of your main keywords is higher in your content, so that the chance of your webpage earn a better search engine ranking goes up.

Keyword Density Formula:
Keyword Density can also be calculated with the help of a formula. SImply divide the total number of keywords contained in a web page by total number of words exists on the same page.

Keyword Density= (Total Number of Keywords/Total Number of Words)*100

However the formula is best suitable to calculate the density of short-form contents. But for long-form contents written with large number of words, it will be good for you to use this Keyword Density Checker Tool.

Why Keywords Density is Important?
Keyword Density is one of the On-page SEO ranking factors and has a great impact in the eye of search engine bots. When Googlebot visits your website, it search the keywords that you have used in your web page content. This is because Keywords helps in the better understanding of your content to the search engines. Most of the people think that if you use place your keywords too closely, you can easily rank higher in search engines. But this is not true. This is actually “Keyword Stuffing”. Personally, the ideal Keyword Density that can be used is 1-3% by placing your keywords in the natural places.

What is Keyword Density Checker Tool?
The Keyword Density Checker Tool is free SEO tool from CheckYourWebsite that do complete keywords research, exists on the specific pages on a website. Alternatively, if you want do in-depth Keywords analysis of your very successful competitors that are ranking at the top of search engines, we would recommend to use this free tool.

By using our free keyword density checker tool, you can evaluate the keyword density of your webpages which will help you to determine the reasonable keyword density to obtain an ideal condition for search engines to rank you higher. This tool helps you to identify your mistakes if any, so that you can take corrective measures. A keyword density checker tool comes handy if you want to ensure that you are not over-optimizing or under-optimizing your website or blog. Check our free keyword density checker tool.

How to use Keyword Density Checker Tool?
The tools helps in the measuring the percentage of number of times a keywords appears compared to the total number of words within a content on a web page. You can use this tool to check if the keywords are naturally placed as per ideal percentage density so that you can make appropriate corrections.

  • Enter the URL of a specific web page to calculate Keyword Density.
  • Now, the report generated by this free tool will show you the Total 1 word keywords used in web page and the percentage of each 1 word keyword.