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About Keywords Suggestion Tool

What are keywords and why are they important?

Keywords are the words or phrases which people use when they search for something online. Choosing the right keywords for your website is still one of the most basic and important aspects of search engine optimization. A rightly done keyword research will enable you to up your SEO game and also to boost your brand if you own one. The trick to choose the right keywords is based on a few basic things, such as, what does your business offer, to whom, how do you solve problems of your target audience etc.

How does our keywords suggestion tool help?

Search engines including Google scan a website’s title, description and content and index the webpages by using the keywords used on the webpages. Hence, when a content writer is writing content for a website, it’s not only important that he writes content which can capture reader’s attention, but also the content needs to be rich with relevant keywords. A good content writer should know which is the right keywords for the topic he is writing on, and also how to incorporate those keywords correctly into the content. We have developed a very useful tool for all the content writers out there. With the help of our simple-to-use tool, you can zero on the right keywords, suggested by the tool. Please explore our free tool.

How to use our keywords suggestion tool?

You can completely rely on our keywords suggestion tool as the tool has been developed by a team of SEO experts. What you have to do is to write keywords into the above empty box and once processed, our tool will present to you the suggested keywords. You can them simply incorporate the suggested keywords in your content to have it optimized, easily.