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What is MozRank?
MozRank is a scale to measure Domain Authority. MozRank, named after Moz is a search engine ranking score by which you can determine how well a website is ranked on search engine ranking pages (SERPs). MozRank scale ranges from 0.00 to 9.99 while the lowest value indicates a bad search engine ranking while the highest value indicates a very good search ranking. The scores are determined by a few variables including number and quality of the backlinks on a webpage. A MozRank is one of the most trustworthy metrics for determining the authority of a website.

Moz Rank is given on the basis of Quality backlinks (Incoming links). If the backlinks that are linking to your site are of good quality and have enough traffic, then your website probably would have good MozRank. This means that if you are getting backlinks from the high Page Rank websites, then there is a greater chance that the Moz Rank of those links (you are linking to high PR sites) will also be high.

What does our MozRank Checker do?
With the help of our MozRank checker, you can have clear idea about the quality of the links on your webpages. If your domain has good number of high-quality links, your chances to score high in the search engine rankings go up; similarly, if your score is low, that is an indication of poor quality links on your website. From the search engine optimization point of view, it’s very important for your website to obtain and maintain a good MozRank. It is, of course, a time-consuming process and you need to build quality links along with good content on your web pages over a period of time to rank high on search engines including Google. Our free tool is a helpful for a beginner as well as search engines experts and can immediately produce the MozRank of your website to get you started. Please explore our MozRank free tool here.

Moz Rank Checker Tool:
MozRank Checker Tool is unique, easy and most reliable tool to check Domain Authority, Page Authority and Moz Rank of a particular website domain. This free single tool helps you in finding the important information on various parameters related to your website and saves your time and effort. With just one click, you can easily get complete details of Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA) and Moz Rank.

Understand the Meaning of following terms:
Page Authority: Page Authority is a prediction that how well the specific pages of a website will rank in Search Engine Result Page(SERP). Page Authority ranges in between 1-100(1-Lowest, 100-Highest)

Domain Authority: Domain Authority is a prediction that how well the entire domain will rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Domain Authority ranges in between 1-100 (1-Lowest, 100-Highest).

Moz Rank: Moz Rank is one of the top scoring/ Link popularity sites like Page Rank (PR) and Alexa Rank. Moz Rank is calculated on the basis of number of quality backlinks (Incoming Links), how SEO friendly your website is etc and provides a rank in between 1-10. Moz Rank is calculated by its own algorithm. In other words, the more incoming links (quality and quantity backlinks) your website has, the higher will be the Moz Rank.

When Should You Use this Tool?
Each and every website owner should use this free MozRank Checker Tool in order to get the complete details of quality links. For newly generated websites, it would take some time to get the Moz Rank as this process takes time. But you should keep on building the quality backlinks that contain the valuable information. Once your website started getting regular traffic, you can use this Moz Rank Checker tool to check your score.

How to use our MozRank checker tool?
Our tool uses a unique algorithm to calculate the MozRank for any number of URLs as you want. Simply, insert the URL of your choice on the above empty box and you will be presented with instant and accurate results. The tool will generate a newly loaded page that will show you the Moz Rank, Page Authority(PA) and, Domain Authority (DA).