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What is MD5?
MD5, also known as Message-Digest algorithm was invented by Ronald Rivest is a cryptographic hash function which generates fixed size hash value from a random input text (or binary) data. Whatever be the size of the input data, the size of the output hash value remains same, always. MD5 hash is often used to maintain data integrity and is used in case of sensitive data transmissions such as banking information, card information etc. into MySQL and other databases. MD5 produces a 128-bit hash value.

MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm is a cryptographic algorithm that accepts an input of any length and produces an output with fixed-length. The MD5 is mainly used to process and transmit the long message quickly.

Consider the following example:
MD5 Generator Tool
Output (MD5 Hash Value)
MD5 Generator Tool

MD5 Generator Tool

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MD5 Generator Tool

As you can see from the above example, whatever be the length of the message as input, the MD5 Online Generator tool always generates a fix sized data i.e. 32 digits hexadecimal number as output. Want to try this free tool on your own? Click here.

What is the need of MD5?
Whenever you download a large file from the internet, it is completely important to check the hash value of the file that accompanies it. Once the file has been downloaded, you need to make sure that the file you have downloaded is exactly the same as the file advertised. In this case, Message Digest Algorithm plays an important role in order to identify the data or a large file. Now how can you check if the downloaded file is same as that of the original one? You have to generate an MD5 hash code for the file on your server i.e. for the original file. If you have downloaded the file onto your PC or laptop, you need to generate the MD5 hash for the downloaded file again. Compare the hashes of both the files. If they match same, it means the file is same as the original one and is downloaded without any loss of data. The MD5 Generator tool generates a hexadecimal number of 32 digits that looks like as follows:


Note that the two different files of the same type and same size cannot have the same MD5 hash. This is because the MD5 is used to uniquely identify the data.

What Benefits MD5 Generator offer?
Using MD5 hash has following big advantages:
When you download a backup file from the server into your system, you stand a chance to lose some data due to various reasons; such as interrupted internet connectivity, hacking and malware attacks etc. Therefore, it is recommended that you generate MD5 hash for the downloadable file on your server and after you have downloaded the file on your computer system, once again, generate MD5 hash for the downloaded file and compare two MD5 hash values to detect any loss or damage to your data. MD5 generator produces the same hash value every time, for the same input data. Check our online MD5 generator tool today.

Another advantage of using this MD5 Generator tool is as follows: Suppose you are a website owner and you have recently made some changes and updates to your website. Obviously, you will generate a complete backup of your site on the server. Now you have downloaded the complete backup onto your desktop and deleted the original one or the previously downloaded backup. After a few days, you want to restore the downloaded backup data because of certain reasons. When you start restoring the whole data, you get an error the following message: “The backup file is corrupted”. This simply means that the backup file that you have downloaded onto your PC was not exactly the same on your server. It might be because you have lost some data during the download process. Yes, when a large file is downloaded from the internet, this data loss can happen. However, there may be a lot of reasons for a corrupted file:

Loss of data while downloading from internet due to bad internet connection or server.

The downloaded file is infected with viruses.

So, whenever you download any important data or large files, you must check the MD5 hash of both the files i.e. original file and the downloaded file.

Does MD5 Consider Secure?
The MD5 functions are recognized to be severely compromised. It was shown that MD5 is not collision resistance means it is hard to find two inputs that hash to the same output. Collision resistance does not guarantee that no collision exists, it simply means that they are hard to find. MD5 is not considered reliable for the applications like SSL certificates and digital signatures. For Message Digest to be considered completely secure, the hash code should meet the following two requirements: No other hacker or attacker can generate a message that matches with the specific hash codes and second, No other hacker or attacker can create two messages resulting in the same hash value. However, MD5 hashes are no longer considered secure and therefore should not be used for the cryptographic authentication. However, the reliability and security of MD5 hash are completely dependent on how and where you use this MD5. If you want to use MD5 as a basic checksum algorithm, it will give you positive and secure results. MD5 has only 32 hexadecimal digits so it doesn’t use too much space and works fine.

How to use our Online MD5 Generator Tool?
You are requested to insert your input text or binary data into the empty field above and our MD5 generator tool will convert your input data into MD5 hash value by using a cryptographic algorithm. Once the hash value is generated for your input data, you can send it to an intended recipient of your data to check the integrity of your sent data. Just remember two things, MD5 cannot be decrypted as it is not an encryption algorithm and you cannot reverse MD5 as it is a one-way procedure.