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About Page Authority Checker

What is Page Authority?
Page authority or PA is a metric to determine how well a specific page will rank in search engines. Page authority is an algorithm developed by Moz and it scores pages in a scale of 0-100 while 0 indicates the lowest rank and 100 is the highest. For any SEO expert or any website owner for that matter, page authority is of a great concern. One should invest a lot of time for link building and to create great quality content for his website; which in turn will help improve its page authority.

What is The Page Authority Checker Tool?
Do you own a website? Do you know the page authority score of your website? If you don’t, then please read more. We have developed a great tool to help you expedite your SEO process by presenting you the page authority score of your website. Unlike domain authority checker, a page authority checker is calculated for just a single page of your website. The higher the rank of your webpage, the better the chance for that webpage to feature high in search engine rankings. Therefore, page authority is an important insight for your webpages from SEO perspective.

Why CheckYourWebsite Page Authority Checker?
Now you are familiar with the term “Page Authority” that predicts the rankings of the internal web pages. Having PA score helps in the better optimization of search engine rankings. We all know that websites with high PR backlinks tend to rank higher as compared to the websites with low PR backlinks. In the same way, while working with any other website, always make sure to check out its Page Authority (PA) first. Working with high Page Authority sites will be fruitful and you can easily make your web pages rankings higher in Google. You can use CheckYourWebsite free Page Authority Checker Tool to know the PR score of any web page.

Now, you might be thinking that what the good Page Authority of a web page is. The higher the Page Authority score of a web page the more are the chances of specific web pages to rank in how much effort you need to put in order to improve this Page Authority score in search engine like Google. The Page Authority score gives you a clear idea of your websites internal pages rankings and

How to Improve Your Page Authority Score?
It is directly impossible to influence the PA score of the web page, there are some steps that may increase the chances of boosting your Page Authority (PA) score. We are describing the most important factors that are easy to follow:

Since PA predicts the ability of a specific web page to rank on Google. Make links on the website with good PR score. It will help in making Link Building and will pass the Link Juice.

The other way to boost the PA score is by spreading the Link Juice. A website contains a lot of internal pages some of which have high PA score while others pages have low PA score. You can optimize the low PA web pages with the high PA web pages through internal linking. However, ensure that these internal links should be relevant to the related topic.

Ensure that the internal linking should look natural and not manufactured.

Make sure that links add some value should move a user from at some relevant statistics.

The next step is to create content on the page which is highly relevant and original. Alongside you should also be focusing on link building for your page.

Make as many high-quality backlinks as you can. Backlinks from the relevant websites gain more value in Google’s eye. Websites that contain a large number of backlinks can be beneficial for your website in terms of rankings, traffic and of course, will help in increasing the Page Authority of a website.

Web pages with thin content or short content are extremely difficult to get a high Page Authority score. Make sure that each page should contain long content. Google including search engine avoids the pages written with very short content. Also, you won’t get any ranking if you don’t have enough content on your web page. Content that is long enough and unique have better chances to rank higher on Google and also provides the good user experience. We would recommend you to update the content of web pages on regular basis.

If you have an old website, obviously there will be a large number of backlinks. Over the time your website automatically gets some bad backlinks that can be harmful to your website. These backlinks can make a negative effect on your website rankings and decrease your page authority also.

Start your journey toward a great, optimized website, today. Please explore our free tool.

How to use Page Authority Checker Tool?
Page Authority Tool is a very simple to use that provides to all the users a relevant information. We guarantee you that the tool is most convenient among all the tools available on the internet today. Using this tool can help in knowing the Page Authority score of your websites internal pages. Enter the URL that you want to check the PA score of. The tool will get back to you with a valid PA score on the basis of your Backlinks quality and other major factors that play an important role while measuring the PA score of a web page. The Tool is absolutely free and anyone can use this tool. We charge no money from anyone and people from all over the world can access this tool. Also if you are using this tool first time and don’t know how to use the tool. You can read here to know the step by step procedure to use this free tool. The tool is online available so become very easy to access this Page Authority Checker Tool. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to use our free Page Authority Checker Tool and get the PA score of your website’s internal pages.

If you are a new user don’t forget to give your feedback on CheckYourWebsite Page Authority Checker Tool. We would appreciate your feedback and look forward to providing you the best possible results.