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About Page Size Checker

What is page size checker?

As the name suggests, a page size checker determines the size of a webpage which includes all the elements of the page such as the HTML file, all embedded images, videos if any etc. A large page size doesn’t necessarily mean that the webpage takes a long time to load, it is fine to have a large page size provided the HTML file is small. With the help of our free page size checker, you can determine the size of any webpage.

Why using a page size checker is important?

The online behaviour of the entire population is changing rapidly, people these days, don’t have much patience to wait for a webpage to load. This is a clear indication that if your website takes long to load, visitors will bounce off the website and that is not a good thing when it comes to search engine optimization. If you have a number of media files embedded in your webpages such as too many images, audio-video files, complex graphics etc., it is possible that your website will take longer to load and eventually will have a high bounce rate. With the help of our page size checker, you can instantly know the total size of your website so that you can take corrective measures and can bring down the size if required. Our free page size checker tool is simple to use and produces instant result.

How to use our page size checker tool?

As we stated above that measuring the total size of a webpage is very important to know for any webmaster or a website owner. Using our tool is very simple, just copy and paste your URL into the above empty field and our tool will generate the size of the webpage in kilobytes within a few seconds.