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About Page Speed Checker

Why page speed is important?

In today’s time when browsing habits of the online population are changing at a rapid speed, it is very important for every webmaster or website owner to keep a tab on the loading speed of their websites. If the pages of your website take too long to load, you may stand a chance to lose a few your visitors as people exhibit low patience more than often. This will translate into a high bounce rate which is not a good sign, especially if you are working on search engine optimization for your website. Websites which load quickly are often the ones which obtain and retain good organic traffic.

Why you should use our website page speed tool?

As stated above, most of the online visitors who might come to your website to do business with you, will have a low tolerance for a website which is slow-reacting. We have developed a very simple tool for you with the help of which you can calculate the load time of your website. Check our page speed checker tool today.

Why highly recommend using this tool if you own a website?

Most visitors expect the website that they are visiting to load in less than 2-3 seconds. Therefore, it becomes very important for you to carefully choose your media files you want to embed into your webpages. Media files such as video clips, animated .gif, heavy applications etc. can increase the load time for your website.

How to use our page speed checker tool?

Simply insert your URL into the above empty field and press the button check. Our tool will clearly display the load times of your webpages. With the help of this analysis, you can take corrective measures to improve your load time and bring down the bounce rate.