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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

What is Pagespeed Insights checker?

Pagespeed Insight is a very important aspect of search engine optimization for a website. The page speed refers to the time your website takes to load and loading time is one of the most important parameters search engines including Google check when they rank webpages on search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

What can do you with our Pagespeed Insights checker tool?

It has been observed that more than 45% of website visitors expect the websites they are visiting to load within 2 seconds. If your webpage takes more than 2 seconds, there is a high chance that your website visitor will leave your site and you will end up losing a possible business opportunity. With our Pagespeed Insights checker tool, you can have an exact measurement of the loading time of your webpages, so that you can start working on the same if any improvement is required.

How does our Pagespeed Insights checker tool work?

When you run our free Pagespeed Insights checker tool on the URL you choose to test, the tool basically analyzes various aspects of your website including media files and their sizes. If recommended so, you may want to work on an image file which is larger than the optimal size and is bringing the speed of your webpage and so on. Therefore, get familiar with our free Pagespeed Insights checker tool, today, and get started with SEO.

Start your journey toward a great, optimized website, today. Please explore our free tool.

How to use our Pagespeed Insights checker tool?

Just enter the URL into the above empty box and press check. Our tool will present instant results to you.