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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

What is Reverse IP Checker:
Most of the website owners use Dynamic IP address which means that users who are using this IP address become unavailable for some reason, then the web hosting providers assign the shared IP address to another user. They even don’t know which other websites have assigned your shared IP address. So, if you want to know who else is using the shared IP address, this Reverse IP Checker Tool will do a great job for you.

Every website is assigned its own IP address. An IP address is used to identify a website and to make communication possible over the internet. IP addresses help search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing to locate the websites. An IP address consists of a numerical range of four blocks of numbers with a value of between 0 and 255. Means that each set can contain only 256 possible values. Every device like desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphones must contain the unique IP address.

The IP address that ISP (Internet Service Providers) or hosting providers assigns to their customers may be either static or dynamic. If a website or any device be it a smartphone, laptop or desktop is assigned a static IP address, it simply means that the IP address is fixed and can’t be changed. Hosting Providers charge a big amount form the customers to assign a static IP address, therefore, the IP address is quite expensive. Most users don’t use this IP address because of its expensive charges. The address is normally used when websites need to remember your IP address. However, Dynamic IP address is the most common IP address and is often used by website owners because of its cheap price and flexibility. Suppose if web hosting providers start assigning static IP address to all its customers, then there will only limited supply of this IP address and new users with large organizations can't have the facility to use static IP address. Dynamic IP addresses provide an easy way to overcome this feature as the websites with this address can easily be reused when they are not using anywhere or are unavailable.

When Internet Service Providers (ISPs) obtain a dynamic IP address that already exists somewhere, the user that is connected to the existing one will get automatically removed from the connection and the hosting service providers then provide the available IP address from its pool to the new customers. Note that Dynamic IP address is temporary address and can be easily changed from time to time whereas Static IP addresses are Permanent IP address and can’t be changed once assigned to a user.

If you have recently purchased a Dynamic IP address for your new website from the famous Web hosting service providers, anyone including you can easily check the IP address of your new website. If your website is listed on the internet with its IP address, it means that the website is active and visible to other users on the internet. You can check your website's IP address with the help of CheckYourWebsite IP Checker Tool which is completely free.

What will Reverse IP Domain Checker Do?
As we have already described that one IP address can be assigned to multiple customers or users if and only if the IP address is dynamic. The CheckYourWebsite Reverse IP Tool will list all the domains or websites that are hosted by the same IP address. By entering the domain name, the Reverse IP Checker Tool will use its algorithm and provide you the IP address of the searched domain and complete list of all URLs that have the same IP address.

To use this Reverse IP Checker Tool, open your web browser and search for Once the URL opens, find the “Reverse IP Checker Tool” and click on it. Or another way to use this tool is simply copy/paste the in the address bar of your browser.

Once you are connected to the tool, enter the complete URL of a website that you want to check the IP address details. Now the tool will do a complete analysis of the entered domain and list all the websites that have already used the IP address. Moreover, you can click on the listed URLs to check their websites. The tool will show the name of all websites as well as the total number of websites.

There is number of Reverse IP checker tools available on the internet. But CheckYourWebsite is different from all of them as it displays the IP address of the entered URL and websites with the same IP address. Not all the tools provide this facility to show the IP address to their customers.

The tool can also be used to check the competitor’s websites IP address. You can easily get the information if your competitors are using Static IP address or Dynamic IP address and number of websites assigned with one IP address. Our tool has excellent customer reviews and a large number of daily visitors. Besides this tool, we have some other tools that can easily use to check the IP address details and web hosting service provider name.

There are some tools available online don’t show the top level domains. Means suppose you have entered a URL to check the total number of domains that have the same IP address including the entered one. Let say the searched URL IP address is shared with almost all the top level domains. Now, most of the Reverse IP Checker Tool skip these domains and return only less popular or low-level domains.

The Reverse IP Checker Tool is designed for all the users who are using the same IP addresses. This free tool will display all the websites that have the same IP address as yours. You can check all the sites one by one to ensure that the other sites using your IP address should not contain any illegal content or malicious or content. Also, make sure that the sites should not be spammy and infected with viruses & worms.