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About Website Links Count Checker

What is website links count checker?

As you might have guessed by the name of it, a website links count checker is a tool which counts the number of internal and external links on your website pages. With the help of an efficient link count checker, a webmaster or a website owner can take a stock of the quantity and quality of all types of links on his website. The link count checker tool also helps the webmaster to identify the Do follow or No follow links if there is any.

Why you should use a website links count checker?

In order to make one’s website optimized for search engines, a website owner invests a lot of time and sometimes money too for link building. While building links to a website certainly counts for SEO, but it is often forgotten that search engines often use an algorithm which identifies the credibility of the source websites and it works against the favour of your website if you don’t build credible and good quality links for your website. The first step toward a proper link building exercise is to check the internal, external and backlinks of your website. If you find pages which are not of good repute, it is better to remove them from the SEO point of view. You can make use of our fabulous free tool to detect such pages and take actions against them. Once done then you can proceed and check the relevancy of the rest of the pages, manually to further optimize your website. Check our links count checker today.

How to use our website links count checker tool?

Our tool is simple to use. Just enter your website URL into the empty box above and press the check button to proceed. Our tool will instantly calculate the number of links and produce the results, instantly.