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What is Redirect in SEO?
Redirect is a way to direct the users and search engines to different URL from the requested URL. Using redirects for a specific website allows visitors and web crawlers to move to a new URL.

Types of Redirect:
There are various types of redirects depending on the type of situation. If you are thinking to redirect a single page, multiple pages or a website, you need to think carefully before applying any redirect in order to maintain the Link Juice, Domain Authority and Search engine rankings.

301 Redirect- Oftenly recommended for SEO and is Permanent Redirect

302 Redirect- Rarely recommended for SEO and is Temporary Redirect

304 Redirect

307 Redirect

308 Redirect

Meta Refresh

Now, know more about each term one by one.

is 301 Redirect?
A 302 Redirect is also known as Permanent Redirect and is used when a URL is changed to another URL. Using this 301 redirect will send the visitors and the search engines to the different URL the one they have originally requested. Suppose the URL www.example.com has moved to a different URL say, www.example2.com for some reason. Now 301 redirect will helps all the users and search engines including Google to visit the new URL i.e. www.example2.com even if they have typed the old URL in their search engine browser. 301 redirect will automatically redirected them to the new URL. Applying 301 redirect in an URL indicates that all the qualities (like Page Rank, Mozrank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Traffic value and search engine rankings) of the redirected URL will now be passed onto the new URL. than

Doing this instructs search engines to replace the old URL with the new URL in their Google index.

When to use this 301 Redirect?

If you want to delete a page, you can use 301 redirect to redirect it to the next location.

If you are changing the company name or website name, use 301 redirect. Doing this will maintain the power of all backlinks (inbound links) on the new URL.

is 302 Redirect?
A 302 Redirect is also known as Temporary Redirect and is used when you want to redirect your visitors and search engines for some time. This 302 redirect doesn’t passes any Link Juice, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page Rank and Moz Rank.

Most of the SEO Marketers doesn’t use 302 redirect as this may damage their search engine rankings. Moreover the 302 redirect is often used when they want to check a new page for the client feedback so that it won’t hurt the old history and page rankings.

is Meta Refresh Redirect?
Meta Refresh Redirects are executed on page level instead of the server level. This redirect is hardly recommended as an SEO technique because of the following facts:

These redirect are usually slow.

Meta Refresh Redirects have poor usability.

Although these redirect do pass some link juice but might have chances to the loss of passed link equity.

Following are the reasons to redirect a page:
There are a number of reasons why Digital marketers use redirect in their websites.

1. If a web page has been deleted or moved to a new web page.

2. The web pages is broken and not working.

3. If you want visitors and search engines to visit the new site instead of old website.

4. If you want to direct the users and search engines to a new domain.

5. Website is no longer active for certain reasons.

6. If you are performing A/B testing for the client’s website.

7. If you are merging two websites into one.

8. If you have purchased a new domain and want to redirect all the pages on old URL to new URL with 100% Link juice.

Benefits of using Redirect Checker Tool:
Our www redirect checker is a very effective tool which helps you to track the path of any redirected URL. A redirect checker is very useful when you want to track where an affiliate URL gets directed to. The tool also helps you determine and make sure that your redirected URLs are landing up to genuine destinations. If there is a change in any of your webpage, for example, your blog, it is important that you use redirect checker tool to know whether or not the redirected domain is correctly redirecting to the new domain. Our free tool is good enough for you to determine whether your redirects are search engine friendly or not. Our tool also helps you assess where the cookies are on the redirected path.

How to use our Redirect Checker Tool?
Using this redirect Checker tool is extremely simple. Simply insert the URL (with http://) on the above empty field and press check. The tool will instantly provide you with the details of redirected URLs.

If you are looking for a free tool to check the redirect status of a specific URL or website, you can use CheckYourWebsite Redirect Checker Tool. The tool is absolutely free and provides the fast and reliable results. Moreover if your website has thousands of pages with the redirected URLs, it may take lots of efforts to count each and every URLs redirect one by one and the whole process might consume your precious time. So, to make this search simpler and easier CheckYourWebsite has designed this special tool to facilitate the users by providing the instant results for the entered URL.

The tool is free of cost and simple guidelines are also given for the new users in order to use this tool. The Redirect checker tool will check the 301 redirect for a large number of URLs.

Use this Redirect Checker Tool today to know the 301 redirect status of your websites and competitors URLs!!