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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

What is Code to Text Ratio?
Code to text ratio in your website is the fraction of HTML code vis-à-vis the actual text on your web pages. This is an important parameter for search engine optimization, hence it is an important characteristic if you are a webmaster or own a website. Search engines including Google use specific algorithms to rank web pages; code to text ratio is one of those vital parameters. Search engines use code to text ratio to calculate the relevancy of a website. Web pages which are loaded with high-definition media files and/or many backlinks tend to have heavy-duty HTML code.

Why do you need to Know about Code to Text Ratio?
For almost all search engines, a high code to text ratio means a higher page ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). If you are working on search engine optimization on your website, you should definitely try out a code to text ratio checker to evaluate the status of the same on your web pages. Using a code to text ratio tool, one can come to know about the page size, code size, visual text size and the ratio between code and text on a specific webpage. As stated above if you have used many heavy media files and/or backlinks on your website, you might end up experiencing high load time and bounce rate for your website. To prevent all such situations and to optimize your website from the search engine ranking perspective, use our free and efficient code to text ratio tool, today. Check our tool.

Does Code to Text Ratio Affect Google Ranking?
A website is written in HTML code along with the readable text. The Code to Text Ratio (also known as Text to HTML Ratio) represents the percentage of actual content found in a web page. While crawling the website, search engine bots index only readable content and display the results in search engines.

How Text to Code Ratio Works?
You can manually check the source code of a website with the help of source code viewer and see the actual text content versus the HTML code (images, JavaScript, links etc.). The source code of a website looks very complex and is not readable. So, it is important to keep the percentage of readable text high. A high Code to Text Ratio helps search engines bots including Google to index the website fastly and to prioritize the web pages on the search results.

CheckYourWebsite Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool extracts the percentage of text from paragraphs and Anchor text from HTML code. Based on this information, this online free tool calculates the content ratio. A higher Text to Code Ratio helps to give your website a better page ranking, so optimizing this ratio is needed. You can use Text to HTML Ratio free tool to calculate the text ratio on your website.

Here are the reasons why it is important to improve the Code to Text Ratio

Search engines bots like Google uses this parameter in order to check the actual relevancy of a website. A low ratio can create the negative effect on the Google Ranking because low ratio means less percentage of readable content which can confuse search engines as they won’t get enough information about the web page irrespective of the HTML code.

A high Text to Code ratio can also affect the page loading speed of a website. If a user visits your website and finds page speed is extremely slow, it can affect the user experience. It all indicates that you need to work on your HTML and CSS.

How to Check Code to Text Ratio of a Website?
You can use CheckYourWebsite free tool in order to check the Text to HTML Ratio quickly.

Simply, enter the URL of the domain you want to check code to text ratio on, into the above empty field and press check button. Our tool will produce and display following results in a jiffy.

Code to Text Ratio

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Total HTML size in bytes.

There are various sites that offer free online services to check Code to Text Ratio but you should choose the one that provides the reliable and efficient results. Use this Code to Text Ratio and check if your website is heavy on HTML code or text content. Because a site with heavier HTML code could affect the page loading speed and this can make your website ranking down in search engines.