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Google Malware Checker is a free tool to check the Malware. It checks if your website has malware or not. To use this tool, add the URL in the box and press the Submit button, it will redirect you to the Google Safe Browsing Checker website.

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About Google Malware Checker

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What is Malware?
The word Malware has been derived from the term malicious software. In simple words, Malware is a piece of software that is developed to harm to a computer system or data. There are various types of Malware that we come across, such as a Virus, Trojans, and Spyware etc. Different Malware damage computer systems or data in different manners, for example, a Virus gets into a clean file and infect one file after another really quickly whereas a Trojan disguises itself as a valid software and lets other Malware to enter the system by acting as a harmless program.

What is Google Malware checker Tool?
To put simply, our Google Malware checker is a tool which can easily and quickly detect whether or not a website is safe to visit. Our Google Malware checker tool is an effective free tool with the help of which you can detect possible Malware on all the websites that you visit or your own website, too. Check our Google Malware checker tool. If you own a website, it’s very important that you keep checking for possible Malware attacks on your website so that it is protected against possible damage. Our tool scans for Malware with the help of an advanced detection software and can quickly produce results for your review. Google Malware Checker Tool provides security message whether the website is infected or not.

How to prevent websites from Malware?
First, make sure that your website is safe to use and virus free. Also, keep in mind that you have installed an updated version of antivirus in order to make your system free from viruses. However, malware like spyware can’t be undone with the help of this anti-virus software. So, the tool is very important to defend your computer as well as your website from all kinds of viruses.

How to use Google Malware checker tool?
To generate Malware report for your own or any URL, simply insert the same in the empty field above and then press check button. You will get redirected to a new window. From the web security results generated, you will come to know whether or not the URL has been listed as suspicious by Google. The report will help you to detect suspicious scripts within web pages so that corrective measures can be taken by the webmasters to make their website safe. CheckYourWebsite has created this online free tool to scan the websites. Because if your website contains any kind of virus, people won’t visit your website. Peoples and search engines prefer the website that is secure and safe.

Malware Checker Tool analyzes the websites to check the availability of any malicious content, viruses or any other security threat and sends you an alert message if a website is infected with any kind of viruses. This free tool can be used by users and website owners to scan any kind of website.

There are many online free tools available on the internet today. The main aim is to provide users a complete information about the websites that may contain viruses and malware. Malware Checker Tool is a fast and free tool that provides the accurate results.

Use this free tool to make your website virus free!!