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Meta Tag Analyzer tool helps you to analyze the meta tags of any web page. It analyzes Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta View Point, Site Name, Author and Open Graph. To use this tool, put the URL of your website in Enter a URL box and hit the Submit button.

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About Meta Tags Analyzer

Meta Tag analyzer is a tool that can be used to determine the meta tags of a website or a webpage. With the help of Meta Tag Analyzer Tool, you can easily find if the Meta tags like meta title, meta description
and meta keyword are placed correctly and provide relevant information. Meta Tags helps to visitors know about the brief description if your website gets listed in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

What is Meta tags analyzer?
As we all know that how important Meta tags are for a properly optimized webpage from search engine point of view, you might be interested to know how effectively Meta tags have been used on a particular website. You can check your own website to find whether or not your Meta title tags, meta description tags, meta keyword tags are in place or you may want to check a competitor’s webpage to know what meta tags your competitor is using. Whatever be your purpose our free meta tags analyzer tool can solve your query within a few seconds.

Understand use of Meta Tags:
As we have already described that Meta Tags are used to get the high ranking in search engine. Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords combine Meta Tags and should be placed in correct order respectively at the top of the website or webpage. Meta Tags should be placed in the header section of a webpage.

Meta Title: Meta Title in your website gives a brief Title by including the main keyword to the visitors. Meta Title should not be too long as it has a limited characters length.

Meta Description: Meta Description tag describes the content of your website, limited to few characters, giving a brief summary to the visitors with the help of keywords.

Meta Keywords: To obtain high rankings in search engines, it is very important to put the keywords that you want to rank high under the Meta Keywords section. Separate keywords with the help of commas. Never try to repeat the keywords over and over again.

How does a Meta tags analyzer work?
There are three primary components of meta tags for any webpage. First, comes the title tag which is arguably the most important meta tags. Next will be the meta description tag which is a brief description of your website’s content, it tells the world what do you do and what is that you are offering to the searchers. The third component is meta keywords which are the most relevant words about your website content. Our tool has robots which can scan your webpage and can instantly identify the problems/issues with the meta tags.

Why Use Meta Tag Analyzer Tool?
Do you want to check Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords on your website? To make it easy for you, we have created an online free Meta Tags Analyzer Tool. The tool will quickly analyze the specific web page and show the Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords. Also, it has become very easy to check the Meta Tags of Competitor websites with the help of this tool.

This tool not only provides information about a web page but provides information about the internal pages of a website. You only need to fill the URL of your website to use this tool.

How to use the tool?
Meta Tag Analyzer has been designed to analyze the meta tags of each and every page of your website and not just the main page of your domain.
Enter your domain name in the above box. The tool will give an in-depth analysis of meta tags of your website. If your website contains Meta Title, Meta Description and, Meta Keywords, it will show you the results. But if any of the Meta Tag is missing, it will show you the results stated as “No Title”, “No Description”, “No Keywords”. Try to update all meta tags as per SEO standards and check the results again.

Benefits of Using this Free Tool:

  • The Meta Tag Analyzer Tool is completely free of cost.
  • People can use this tool across various countries.
  • You can use Meta Tags Checker Tool to check as many Meta Tags as you want.
  • The tool is always live, you can see the immediate results after making any changes.