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It is a free XML Sitemap Generator tool which allows you to create a sitemap of up to 5000 pages. To use this tool simply Enter a domain name, select Modified date, Change frequency, Default priority and select How many pages do I need to crawl after filling all information hit the Generate Sitemap button.

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About XML Sitemap Generator

What is an XML Sitemap?
A sitemap is an important component of search engine optimization (SEO). By creating a sitemap a webmaster can guide search engines including Google about the site URLs which are available for crawling. A sitemap helps the search engines to find your web pages which you want to be indexed. A sitemap also sends out other important information about a website to the search engines, such as time of the last update, how often the website changes etc. Therefore, an XML sitemap generator comes handy if you are focusing on search engine optimization for your website. Try our free XML sitemap generator for the best result.

In simple words, a sitemap is an xml file that contains the webpages URLs. Sitemaps helps search engines in the proper indexing of websites. Each website should contain an xml sitemap file to give search engine bots proper information about all the web pages of your website.

Sitemaps are the list of pages on a website accessible to all the users. It is way to tell the search engines including Google, Yahoo and, Bing about the existing pages on your website. XML sitemaps also instruct search engines which pages on your website are important and how frequently you update your website. Using sitemaps allow search engines for the better crawling and indexing of your website. For popular websites, sitemaps helps in interacting with the search engines more efficiently. Search engines can easily guess, which web pages of your site are frequently updated, how often the site is updated and which parts of your site are extremely important. Hence, this improves the overall visibility of your site in the eye of search engines and users as well.

Why Sitemap is important?
Sitemaps are used to make better visibility of all the individuals web pages so that while indexing the site, search engine bots won’t miss out on anything. Sitemaps are important for SEO to let search engines know about the pages of your website- because Google ranks web pages not just websites. Xml sitemaps are important for search engines to easily identify the newly created or updated content.

XML sitemaps allow webmasters and website owners to inform search engine bots about each pages of your website. Using sitemaps is the easiest way to keep updated about your latest changes on your website to the search engines. Sitemaps helps in the better indexing of your websites. XML sitemaps are extremely important for a new websites as this will inform search engine about the internal pages and thus, help in the proper indexing. XML sitemaps can be used as the original source of published content so it will not get penalized by Google, Yahoo and, Bing. Another reason to use sitemaps is that when you submit sitemap on Google webmaster Tool it shows the error of each submitted URL. Registering your sitemap to various search engines instructs that the content has been updated or made before locating it on other websites. However, submitting a sitemap is a simple process. But is quite difficult to create a sitemap manually. With the help of Sitemap Generator Tool, you can easily create the sitemap for any website (large or small).

Using Sitemaps are important if:

  • Your site is large like e-commerce websites and contains thousands of web pages.
  • You are using internal linking in your website.
  • You have created a new website.
  • You have recently added some new products to your website.

An Xml sitemap provides the specific information about the web pages to be crawled by the search engines. While creating xml sitemap file, it is important to select the three parameters- Changing Frequency, Last modified date and, Page priority. Website owners use sitemaps so that search engines see all the web pages available in a website. Sometimes, we hide some of the web pages because we don’t want users to visit those pages. So, we create xml sitemap file to get crawl all the hidden web pages by search engines.

With the help of Sitemap Generator Tool, it is very easy to create sitemaps. You can make the xml sitemap file for up to 5000 web pages.

So, you have a website which you want to optimize for search engines. But how do you decide which web pages you want to include in your sitemap? Take this decision by evaluating the content of your website. Think from a visitor’s point of view; which are the URLs you wish to land upon? Once you know the answer, include all such URLs in your sitemap. On the other hand, if you know which web pages you don’t want the search engines to crawl and index, use our Robot.txt generator to proceed.

How to use Sitemap Generator?
For any website, it’s enormously beneficial to have a sitemap. However, if you own a website which is relatively new, you simply can’t ignore an XML sitemap generator. For new websites, the visibility will be low and the chances are less that your new website will appear in searches, organically. Hence if you have created a website, it’s time that you try our tool, now.

Follow Steps to Use this Free Tool:

  • Enter the URL of your website you want to create sitemap.
  • Select the modified date between ‘Todays Date’ and ‘Custom Date’. Modified Date means time the URL was last updated. If you don’t want to specify any date, by default the free Xml Sitemap Generator tool will take the information as ‘Do not include’.
  • Set the ‘Change Frequency’ to indicate search engines how frequently you want search engines to visit your website.
  • Next box is to set the ‘Page Priority’. By default the page priority of a web page is set to none. We would like to recommend you to set the default priority of a page to 0.5.
  • Now last option is to choose the number of pages you want to crawl on your website. Click Generate Sitemap.

Now you will be automatically redirected to a page where you will get the generated sitemap details like number of pages, xml file and link to download sitemap.