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Now using this tool, it is effortless to count the words and character of your content. To use this tool, simply paste the content in the box and hit the Count Words button. This free tool is very helpful in daily use.

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About Word Counter

What is a Word Counter?
There will be times when you want to know how many words or characters are there in your written article/story or any other type of content. Here is a quick way of doing it just add the content to the box and click count words. With the help of our simple online tool, you can easily know the word or character count of your content.

Word Counter is a tool that is used to count the total number of words in a passage of text. The free tool is easy to use for counting the characters with spaces, total words, sentences and, paragraphs. Most of the documents are written with the limited number of words and we can’t exceed their word limits. The tool is needed in order to know the text length to stay within certain number of words. Most of the Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have their own word limits.

Consider the following examples:
Twitter’s tweets character limit is 280 characters per tweet and you can’t write the tweets longer than 280 characters.
Google’s Meta Description length is 230 characters with space and Title length is 60-65 characters with space.

It is very difficult to count the number of words and total characters with spaces manually as the process will become too complex. So, the simplest and easiest way to determine how many words and character with spaces a text contains, you can use CheckYourWebsite Word Counter Tool.

Why do you need a Word Counter Tool?
You may be a writer writing a book, a journal or an essay or you may be writing content for some website or online platform; many a time, you may need to ensure that your content is within a pre-defined word limit. Our free tool comes handy in all such cases. For example, you are writing your profile summary and a headline on LinkedIn. Now, there are character limits for both the cases. Your headline can have maximum 120 characters; while your profile summary section can have 2000 characters at the most. While writing your texts, you may want to know the number of characters, instantly. You may try our word counter tool for a quick and accurate result, anytime.

You can use this tool to check your word limits in all the popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and, Internet Explorer. Other than this, the tool is suitable to count words and characters in Blogs, Articles, Essay, Paragraph writing, Twitter tweets, Facebook status and Instagram posts. It becomes quite difficult or even impossible when it comes to check the word count manually in a lengthy document. In fact why to waste your precious time by doing all these manually, when you have a online free Word Counter Tool. We at CheckYourWebsite are here to help you by offering an Online Word Counter Tool to make your job easier.

You will find countless word counter tool over the internet that can be used to count the number of words. But CheckYourWebsite Word Counter tool is the best one out there. What makes our tool unique is that free of cost, while many other tools you will find over internet will ask you to pay a fix amount but this tool is absolutely free.

When it's a matter of blog or website, there is no specific magical number that will increase the chances of ranking on the first page of search engine result page (SERP). However, there is a very common misconception that an article or web content must be of __ words, but that’s not true. One should never exceed the words that could be said in few words. Keep in mind that search engines including Google, Yahoo and, Bing prefers valuable content. However, it really doesn’t mean that include very less number of words in your web content. Websites with less content what we called as thin content don’t get good search engine rankings. You can use CheckYourWebsite Online Word Checker Tool to count the number of words and make changes accordingly. Always remember that the text must contain valuable information regardless of the number of words. Most of the times less content proves more valuable.

Why Word Count Matters?
Word Count is an important factor to improve SEO ranking, here are some reasons why word count is important for SEO?

As a Content Marketer, you must make sure that whatever content you post online, it should always provide the valuable information to the target audience and should be of appropriate length. Because a content written with a large number of words ranks higher as compared to the short pieces of content. According to the latest update, Google search engine gives preference to the long-form written contents.

Posts written with less number of words attracts visitors for a short time and then pull users away, no matter how well your content is written. While a well-written post helps in engaging users for a long time and provides the audience and search engines more valuable content, thus making your content more successful.

How to use our Word Counter Tool?
There are two easy ways by which you can use this online tool.

  • One way to use it is to simply click on the above text box and start typing.
  • Once you finish writing, click on the button ‘count words’ at the bottom of the text box.
  • You will see two results – the number of total words in your written content and the number of characters in the same content.
  • Another way of using this tool is to paste the content you want to check the word/character count for on the above text box and click on the ‘count words’ button to know the numbers, instantly. Using this free tool is absolutely free just open your web browser and copy the link https://www.checkyourwebsite.org/word-counter and paste it in the address bar. You can also copy/paste the content in the above empty box. The display page will show you the number of words.

Finding a Word Count Tool that works best is quite difficult. Use CheckYourWebsite free Word Count Tool and make your content to engage number of users!!