Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt Generator is the most advanced tool to generate robots.txt file. This tool allows you to use different parameters to create a robots file for your website. To use this tool choose Robots Allow or Refused, Crawl-Delay, Sitemap Link, Search Robots, and Restricted Directories.

Default - All Robots are:  
Sitemap: (leave blank if you don't have) 
Search Robots: Google
  Google Image
  Google Mobile
  MSN Search
  Yahoo MM
  Yahoo Blogs
  DMOZ Checker
  MSN PicSearch
Restricted Directories: The path is relative to root and must contain a trailing slash "/"

Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

What is Robots.txt?
Robots.txt is a type of text file typically used by web administrators to guide search engines how to crawl and index web pages of their websites. Search engines including Google use spiders to crawl websites and while doing so they identify Robot.text files at the root domain level. You may have sensitive data on your website which you don’t want the search engines to index or simply you don’t want to index a part of the online content of your website, by using a Robots.txt file you can let the search engines know about it. A Robot.txt file does exactly opposite to what a sitemap does for your website.

Use of Robots.txt Files:
Robots.Txt files are also known as Robots Exclusion Protocol or Standard. This text file is the most important part of every website on the internet. It instructs the search engine bots which pages to crawl and which pages not to crawl on the website.

When search engines visit websites, before visiting the target page they check the robots.txt files for instructions.

What is Robots.txt Generator Tool?
Robot.text generator is a useful tool that generates Robot.txt directives for your website. Using our free Robot.text generator tool you can also know about Robot.txt file of other websites and take suggestions for your own site. Try our free Robot.text generator tool.

Benefits of Robots.txt Generator Tool:
Once the Robot.txt file is generated through our tool, the same can be uploaded to your website’s root directory. Once done, the file will instruct the search engines including Google about the content that you want to show up in search and the pages you don’t want to come up while one performs online searches.

  • You can easily upload the robots.txt file to your domain.
  • Proper recommendations are given before using this tool. We have briefly described each and every part of the tool.
  • You can easily edit the old robots.txt files with the help of Robots Txt Generator Tool.

How Robots Txt Generator Tool Works?
You can easily create new and edited robots.txt files with the help of this free SEO tool.

  • To customize robots.txt files, use ‘Allowed’ and ‘Refused’ functions. ‘Allowed’ function will instruct the search engine bots to crawl all the pages on website. While ‘Refused’ function will instruct search engine bots to not crawl any pages on website.
  • The ‘Allowed’ and ‘Refused’ functions are used to reduce the “Crawl Budget”. This is because, a website might have number of pages and if Googlebot starts crawling each and every single page on the website, it will take search engine bot a while to crawl all the pages, which can have a negative effect on the ranking of website.
  • In other words, ‘Allowed’ and ‘Refused’ functions will instruct the search engine bots to crawl only most valuable pages on your website.
  • Now choose Crawl-Delay. By default, it is set to ‘No Delay’.
  • If you have used XML Sitemaps on your website, you can paste the URL in the above text box otherwise leave the box blank.
  • Choose search engine bots among various search engines and set ‘Allowed’ and ‘Refused’ functions, you want to crawl on your website.
  • The Last step is to restrict the directives you want search engines bots not to visit those files.
  • Click Robots.txt button. You are now ready to upload the Robots.txt file on your website.

Use this online Robots.txt Generator Tool to let search engines know which directories or pages not to crawl. This the most advanced and easy-to-use tool to create robots.txt files