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Convert any domain name into IP address. This free tool is very helpful to check the IP address of any domain name. This tools also shows the domain hosted country and ISP information. To use this tool, enter the URL in the box and press the submit button.

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About Domain into IP

Our Domain into IP Converter tool will help you in finding the complete IP address details of your website. This online free tool responses very quickly and provides you the complete address details of domain name including IP address, Country, and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) name. Before using this tool, you must aware of the following terms like What is Domain name of a website and What is domain’s IP address.

What is the Domain name?
A URL abbreviated as Uniform Resource Locator is a method used to identify the location of a web page over the internet. A URL is usually broken down into several important parts: the first part is used to identify the protocol like (like HTTP or HTTPS) followed by the symbol “://”. The second part is referred to as server id or resource name and provides the domain name or IP Address of a URL. Now, what is the domain name? A domain name is website name and is used in a URL to identify the web pages available on the internet. Consider the following example: In this URL HTTP is the protocol and is the domain name. A domain name is combined with letters and numbers followed by following top-level extensions like .com, .net, .org, .edu.

What is IP address?
A website’s IP address and domain name both are different. Each website should have its unique domain name and each domain name should have its unique IP address. An IP address is a string of numerical digits separated by dots or decimals. An IP address is the one that differentiates one domain from another. When you are connected to the internet through various devices like Tablet, Desktop, Mobile phones and Laptops, you are identified by an IP address. Most of the popular websites like Facebook and Twitter IP addresses are available publically and can be searched online. Finding the IP address can be complicated and sometimes risky too. With the help of online tool, you can easily search the IP address of any domain name on your own.

An IP address is a set of four different numbers with a range from 0 to 255. The IP address of a website looks like 43.553.132.422. Having a unique IP address make your website more reliable and more stable hence, it should not be affected by any other website available on the internet.

More about IP Addresses:
The IP address assigned by web hosting providers can be static or dynamic. However, Most of the IP addresses assigned today are Dynamic IP addresses. A website assigned with Static IP address doesn’t change while the website assigned to Dynamic IP address changes over the time.

What is Static IP Address?
A Static IP address is a fixed IP address that is assigned to each website and can’t be changed. A static IP address is often assigned to large organizations, commercial leased lines, server hosting websites and public organizations which require the same IP addresses. Website owners who want a static IP address for their websites usually charged a large amount by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Such kind of websites needs additional security because if same kind of IP address is assigned to a machine, hackers may attack the machine over a period of time.

What is Dynamic IP Address?
A Dynamic IP address is an IP address that is assigned to each website and can be changed from time to time. When a user is assigned with Dynamic IP address and goes offline for certain reason, the IP address is assigned to another user. Having a Dynamic IP address is cheaper and reliable than Static IP address and the cost is also too low.

How to Convert Domain to IP address?
If you want to get the IP address details of most popular domain names, the tool is made for you. However, there are various methods to check the IP address of any website. Years ago, webmasters used to use ‘tracer’ or ‘ping’ command to find the IP address of a website. The method was little bit complicated as the SEO marketers had to depend on this useless process and you won’t get any further information about a website. For all the users and website owners, who want to get the detailed information they can use this tool. CheckYourWebsite has specially designed this tool for all the daily users to get the IP address details of any domain. Now, you don't need to go through any further difficult process and using tool is free and very easy.

Open your web browser and type Now search Domain into IP Converter tool or you can type on your search browser. Once you are directed to the URL to IP address converter tool you can simply enter the domain name for which you want to check the IP address and ISP details in the search box. Now press “submit”. The new web page will display the complete domain information like Domain name, IP address, Country name and ISP name.

Besides from getting the IP address details, this tool will allow you to know the further domain details like name of the country to your IP address and web hosting service provider name. The tool is very useful to find the service provider name of your domain. To make to easy to understand, the results will be displayed in a tabular form providing you the searched domain name, IP address, Country and accurate web hosting service providers (ISP) details. Moreover, you can get the complete IP details of your competitor’s websites. If your competitors are ranking good in search engines, you must check their web hosting service provider name. Sometimes the websites with excellent ISP providers have a high search engine rankings. You can gather all these information by using IP address checker tool or Domain into IP Converter Tool.

Knowing the exact IP address details protects your website from being affected by the other available websites. Moreover, you can find where the domain name is being hosted from.

Get all such information using CheckYourWebsite Domain into IP converter tool!!