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About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

What is Web Page Screen Resolution Simulator?
Web Page Screen Resolution Simulator Tool lets you to view your web pages in different screen resolutions. With the help of this tool you can check how your website looks in multiple screen resolutions. For any website, it is very important that it should be responsive in all aspects including Tablets, Desktop and, Android Phones. To engage large number of users, it should be highly responded on all the different devices. Now how could you know whether your website is responding to the different resolutions? You can use Website Simulator Checker Tool to check the responsivity of your web pages. Having a responsive website helps users to provide the best possible experience and affects the rankings in search engines.

Why should we use Screen Resolution Tester Tool?
CheckYourWebsite has designed this unique tool that can be used by all graphic designers, web designers, website owners, webmasters, SEO marketers and digital marketers. This tool will actually help to know if their website is actually responsive with different sizes screen resolution. It provides you a large of popular screen resolutions that can be viewed including Tablets, Laptop, Mobile Phones and Desktops so that you can easily check how your website looks on other devices.

The various available screen resolution provided by Web Page Screen Resolution Simulator are as follows:

160x160 Pixels

320x320 Pixels

640x480 Pixels

800x600 Pixels

1024x768 Pixels

1366x768 Pixels

1152x864 Pixels

1600x1200 Pixels

Simply put a URL name in the search box and select any of the screen resolution size mentioned above. Now you are almost done to see your website screen according to entered screen resolution size. Remember that the tool will show you the results in new window as per the screen size that you have entered.

Why does Web Page Screen Resolution Matter?
Screen Resolution refers to the number of pixels that can be displayed horizontally and vertically. The quality of images and text displayed on a screen depends on the screen resolution size and monitor size. Consider a display system with Screen resolution size that have pixel count like 1152x864 Pixels. This screen size can show 1152 pixels horizontally and 864 pixels vertically. At higher resolution like 1600x1200 Pixels, items appear sharper and almost all items fit on the screen completely. Whereas, at lower resolution like 640x480 Pixels, items appear larger and a fewer items fit on the screen. The screen with higher screen resolution will be to show you the website more clearly and there is no need to scroll so much. Because the screen size with more pixels has sharp images and text. However the text and icon may look smaller with the higher screen size.

How does Screen Resolution affect you and your website?
The screen resolution size plays an important role in order to give a complete look for any website. A website with large number of pixels or high screen size will show the more stuff than the website with low screen size resolution. The larger the screen size, the more stuff and text will appear on the screen. Moreover, there will be less or no scrolling.

Have you used this tool to check the best fitted screen resolution size for your website? If not, try this free tool today, in case you are not satisfied with the current screen size of your website and you think it should be changed. You can try all the mentioned screen resolution size and select the one that can be best adjusted with your website and help you to give your website a final look. It will be extremely difficult to make adjustments on your website manually. Moreover, the process can become too complex and time complex. Therefore, to make it easy for you than ever CheckYourWebsite has launched its special tool to check the screen resolution of your web page in just a snap. The tool is free of cost and you need to just enter the URL of your web pages. Select the adjustments one by one in order to choose the most fitted screen resolution size for your website. You can now proceed to make the permanent changes to make your website user friendly and SEO friendly.

How does Screen Resolution Tester tool Work?
Do you want to use this tool? It is very easy and simple to use this free tool. Copy the URL and paste it into the above empty box. Now the screen size resolution that you want to view and click on”check” button. CheckYourWebsite free Screen Resolution Checker Tool will open your website in new window with the selected screen size. You can now view and explore your website texts, mages and graphics on multiple screen resolution. The tool has made it easy for you to check any number of website’s layout with the immediate results. So, you don’t need to wait for long hours.

The Website Screen Resolution Checker is the only tool that will provide you the reliable results in order to select the appropriate screen resolution for your website. We guarantee you that our Screen Resolution Simulator tool is the best developed tool that you will ever find. The tool provides the useful results for all the webmasters and SEO marketers to view their websites in multiple screen size resolutions and make the necessary changes so that it may look perfect. You can use this free tool to test the different websites with the relevant results.

The tool is in a great demand and is extremely used by large number of website owners to maintain the multi-column layout on their website. Because a website that is designed with the correct screen size, platform and orientation can improve the user experience. Also it helps in making your web page look good on all the computing devices including Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones and Tablets. It is very important for every website to look good on any device.

Use CheckYourWebsite Free Web Page Screen Resolution Checker Tool to get the instant results and imply the necessary changes!!