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About Website Screenshot Generator

What is a website screenshot?

It is a common practice to take screenshots of our smartphone or tablet screens. We keep doing it all the time for various purposes including troubleshooting. However, things are a little tricky when it comes to take and process screenshots of a website and paste it into a proper application for different operating systems. If you own a website, you may have encountered occasions when a visitor has complained about some malfunctioning of your website. Now, the easiest way to investigate and address such problems is to ask your visitor to take and share a screenshot from his end. In simple words, the screen grab of a live website is called a website screenshot.

When and why do you need a screenshot generator?

There are umpteen reasons why you need to generate a website screenshot. It may be your website visitors, customers, developers, colleagues at the other end who you may need to share website screenshots with. If your website visitor is not computer savvy and can’t understand easily how to take a screenshot and paste it on a proper application to process (such as Paint or PowerPoint for Microsoft operating system), he might lose interest sooner and leave your site. Our free website screenshot generator tool comes to rescue you in all such situations. With the help of our tool, even a child can grab website screenshots and share within a few seconds. Please try our tool, today.

How to use our website screenshot generator tool?

Just enter the URL of the website into the empty text box above and press submit button. In a moment, you will see a screenshot of your desired website and you can simply copy-paste the same on your computer system. This is as easy as it gets.