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About Google Cache Checker

What is Google Cache?
Google (and other search engines too) stores snapshots or copies of webpages as back-ups; this is, in simple term, is called Google cache. When Google crawls a webpage, it takes a snapshot of the page; In case of online searches, Google refers to these cached versions to match them with the relevant search. Caching speeds up the process and enhances user’s online experience and we can access a cached version faster.

Why is Google Cache Important?
In order to get a good rankings in search engine, it is important to know the concept of Google cache and why it is relevant in online search? Now understand the meaning of term Cache: In very simplest forms, A cache is a snapshot of a web page that Google creates and temporary stores after they have indexed a web page. When you made some necessary changes in your website it is very important to reindex all those page in order to make sure that the most relevant and recent change web pages are being viewed.

Search engines like Google visits the website that contain some relevant and useful information. Using Google cache is essential for every online business because it shows how relevant a website is in the eye of search engines. Having a eye-catching and SEO friendly website is not only important to keep engage a large number of visitors but for search engines as well. As we have already described that search engines like Google and Yahoo have a keen eye on the websites that regularly made some relevant changes in order to provide searcher a most recent information. Checking the last cached date by Google can show you whether Google has considered it relevant or not. The most recent cache date, the better will be the search results.

Why do you need Google Cache Checker Tool?
For all website owners, it is important to know whether their web pages are indexed by Google. The web pages which have been cached by Google can be accessed by a user even if the page is not live. As we stated, cache is a mechanism to store documents provisionally for future use, and it also helps to reduce the load on any server, you would like to make sure that your web pages are cached by Google.

A Google cache checker tool can tell a webmaster what all data and links of its website have been cached by Google. It also tells you when was the content of a webpage was updated last. As Google uses cached version when an online user searches for specific keywords or phrases, your cached web pages will still appear in the relevant search even if your website is offline, temporarily. You don’t have to bother about checking your cached pages, manually as we present a simple free tool, just for you.

This free tool will tell you that Google has indexed the existing web pages on your website and is now ready to serve the results in Google search results. CheckYourWebsite has designed a tool to instantly check the cache history of your website. The tool works online and is completely free. This tool will help you to find out if the existing web pages are included in search engine index. It is now very easy to check the Google cached version of any number of web pages with the help of Google Cache Checker Tool.

The Google Cache Checker Tool is one of the quick and useful tool and is often used by SEO professionals, Website owners, Bloggers, Digital Marketers. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and, Bing has a large number of Google Cache checker tools. Some of these tools may ask you to download and install the latest version to get the details of Google cache history. Moreover, some tools can charge a fix amount of money in order to know the Google cache pages. CheckYourWebsite Google Cache checker Tool doesn’t require any installation and no money is needed to use this tool. The tool is absolutely free and you can use it as many times as you want.

Google Cache Checker Tool is very important as the tool allows you to check the time when the last content is updated or whether Google has cached the web pages. If you are a website owner, then this tool will be very helpful for you as the tool will tell you whether all your data or links are cached by Google or not. Therefore, all the web pages indexed by Google are also called as cached web pages cached URLs.

How to use our Google Cache Checker Tool?
There are two ways to check the cached URLs. Open a browser and enter the following command:

Google will show you a snapshot of specific URL informing you the last modification date and time. However, if you cannot remember this command or don’t want to use this method. Don’t worry. There is another method to find out the Google cached history.

You can use CheckYourWebsite Cache Analyzer tool. There is no need to check the web pages manually because it is now very easy to check every URL when it was last updated and modified with the help of this Cache Analyzer Tool. The method is very simple and reliable too. The tool performs the same function as the above command does and show the results that is readable by everyone. The free tool allows you to check you up to the 20 domain at the same time.

You will see an empty box above; into the box, you just have to enter the URLs you want the tool to run on. Our tool will process your request immediately and show you the results. The online free tool will give you the cached history of up to 20 URLs. Simply enter the URL one by one and then click ‘submit’. If Google has recently cached your website, it will show you the “Last modified date and time” in the status column otherwise will show you a message “Not Cached.”

Do not miss out the opportunity to use this CheckYourWebsite free Google Cache Checker SEO tool and check any number of web pages cached by Google!!